This One-Armed Teenage Baseball Catcher Is An Absolute Stud, And An Inspiration For Us All [Video]

Luke Terry, a 14-year-old student at Cornersville (Tn.) Middle School, had his right arm amputated when he was an infant due to infection. However, that hasn’t stop him from hitting #3 in the lineup and playing catcher for his middle school team.

“I don’t even think about it,” Terry told The Tennessean about playing with one arm. “Fans tell me, ‘You’re an inspiration.’ They want me to go a long ways.”

“He’s amazing,” Terry’s teammate Logan Courtemanche said. “He’s good. He’s as quick as anyone around. He’s really quick.”

We’ve seen Jim Abbott reach the major leagues pitching with one arm, and adapting his technique to quickly put a glove on his hand after a pitch. Terry has his own unique way of transferring the ball as a catcher to immediately be able to throw the ball back to the pitcher or throw down to a base. Pretty awesome stuff.

Despite his disability, Luke leads a normal life–he hunts, works on the family farms, and has learned how to play video games by holding the controller with his feet and using his left arm to run the remote.


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