Le’Veon Bell Told Police: ‘I Didn’t Know You Could Get a DUI for Being High’

Pittsburgh Steelers running backs Le’Veon Bell and LaGarrette Blount were pulled over on Wednesday in Ross Township, Pa. Police found marijuana in the car, leading to misdemeanor possession charges. Bell, the driver, also picked up a driving under the influence charge, but wasn’t quite sure why.


Bell was honest and cooperative with the police. Perhaps too honest, saying, “I didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high. I smoked two hours ago. I’m not high anymore. I’m perfectly fine. Why would I be getting high if I had to make it to my game?”

Both Bell and Blount played in Thursday night’s exhibition game with the Eagles, combining for 16 carries and 55 yards. Bell also got his bell rung on a huge hit by Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

[Photo via USA Today Sports Images]


Cliff Diver Falls From Ledge, Scapes the Rock Face and Bellyflops into the Water [Video]

Cliff diving at rivers and lakes is at its peak, as summer comes to  an end. Having done a few dives off rock faces myself, I can appreciate the adrenaline rush and danger that comes from leaping off an edge of a cliff.

cliff diving fail near miss Cliff diver tries to paint sharp rocks with his brains, pulls off epic bellyflop instead
What happens in this video is every cliff divers worst nightmare. 

According to the YouTube description, the man only suffered minor injuries:

The shelf he was standing on couldn’t support him and it fell out from beneath him. He plummeted 50 feet to the water and hit a rock wall on the way down. Despite how severe the fall was, he sustained with no major injuries besides a broken arm.

Count your blessing bro.

[h/t JukinVideo]


Golf Channel’s Win McMurry Does Ice Bucket Challenge in a Bikini [Video]

This was a valiant effort, but, like many of these ice bucket challenge videos, neglected to include ice. Nevertheless, the campaign has raised over $41 million now; here’s where to donate.


Chris Rock Catches Foul Ball at Yankees Game, Gives it to Young Fan [Video]

During today’s Yankees-Astros game at Yankee Stadium , Chris Rock fumbled and then caught a foul ball . After looking around for a bit he found a kid and gave it to him , There’s no wonder why Everybody Love’s Chris.


Young Washington Nationals Fan Takes Foul Ball to the Head While Falling onto Field [Video]

Nationals kid wearing popcorn hat gets smoked by foul ball, falls over fence

This young fan’s night at the Washington-Arizona game probably didn’t go quite as he planned. While attempting to grab a foul ball off the bat of Bryce Harper, the ball took an unexpected bounce and popped the kid in the face causing him to fall over the fence onto the field. Wearing a popcorn-bucket on his head didn’t help him look much better although the ball girl did hand him the ball so I guess he made out ok.

[Video via MLB.com]


Jimmy Fallon Got Lindsey Lohan So Wet on the Tonight Show [Video]

Lindsay Lohan accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and got all wet on The Tonight Show. She nominated New York’s Duffield Children’s Center, Prince Harry and Jared Leto.

This might be the first show she’s had in a while. Just saying. Love ya Lindsey.