NCAA Approves Unlimited Meals and Snacks for Division I Student-Athletes

Just a few weeks after UConn’s national championship MVP point guard Shabazz Napier said that there were nights that he went to bed “starving” while attending college, the NCAA announced the removal of meal and snack restrictions on Division I athletes, according to NCAA associate director of communications Michelle Brutlag Hosick. Thus enabling universities to provide their student-athletes with unlimited snacks and meals. 

0e94eea50ddaa2633174c2df13db39e8_crop_northWhereas previously student-athletes were afforded only three meals per day, they will now have unlimited access to meals provided by on-campus facilities. The privilege will extend to walk-on athletes as well. 

Napier told reporters he doesn’t believe athletes should be given “thousands of dollars,” his comments about going to bed hungry struck a national chord (via Soraya Nadia McDonald of The Washington Post):

I feel like a student athlete. Sometimes, there’s hungry nights where I’m not able to eat, but I still gotta play up to my capabilities. I don’t see myself as so much of an employee, but when you see your jersey getting sold, it may not have your last name on it, but when you see your jersey getting sold, to some credit, you feel like you want something in return…There are hungry nights when I go to bed and I’m starving.

The new provision seems sensible, although hopefully there will be safeguards against rampant waste. Also, it would seem as though resource-rich schools would gain a recruiting advantage, but it’s hard to see it becoming anymore lopsided than the current system wherein the best athletes are wooed with the most expensive facilities and coaches.

One former college athlete commented on the latest news:



Miami Linebacker Denzel Perryman Lays Out Teammate During Spring Game [Video]

Denzel Perryman’s hit on running back Gus Edwards fired up his Miami teammates, and it’s easy to see why.

The 6’1″, 240-pound linebacker smashed Edwards to the ground during the Hurricanes spring game.

Of course, the Miami coaches would probably prefer their players to not lay out their teammates like that during spring ball.

One thing is certain after seeing this hit: Perryman now has bragging rights over Edwards in the locker room.

[ACC Digital Network, h/t Next Impulse Sports]


The WWE Paid an Outstanding Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior [Video]

The Ultimate Warrior passed away last Wednesday so tonight, as expected, the WWE paid proper tribute to the storied wrestler on Raw. It was nothing short of fantastic.

Warrior by random_sports


Curt Schilling Finished with Radiation Treatments in Fight with Cancer

Curt Schilling, the former standout pitcher with the Phillies, Diamondbacks and RedSox was diagnosed with cancer in February. The former World Series MVP and current ESPN analyst has yet to reveal what form of cancer he’s dealing with. It appears he’s progressing in his treatment as he wife Shonda tweeted out this photo Sunday night announcing he’s done with radiation treatments. He finished chemotherapy last week.

Glad to see that Curt’s sense of humor has not been lost in the wake of such a tough battle with cancer.