College Kid with Broken Finger Drains Halfcourt Shot, Wins $10K in Tuition [Video]

With all the trash on the internet, its always refreshing finding stories that make you feel good. Earlier this week NAIA Bryan College in Tennesseee staged a typical halftime contest you see all the time. A student needed to make a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and halfcourt shot in 30 seconds to win. The prize? $10,000 in tuition. Gustavo Angel Tamayo, a student from England who’d never played competitive basketball, did just that and he did it with a broken finger on his left hand.

Bravo sir, bravo.


Youth Football Referee Wins $275K Settlement After Being Attacked By Irate Coaches And Parents During Game [Video]

Check out this disturbing video as a youth football referee is being awarded a $275,000 settlement after he was tackled and thrown to the ground, fracturing his shoulder. This is all AFTER the referee threw the first punch, because this is Florida, and anything goes.

From the Sarasota Herald Tribune:

SARASOTA – A youth football referee who was tackled when a melee broke out among adults during a game and later filed a lawsuit has won a $275,000 settlement.

The fight at Sarasota’s Riverview High in 2011 was captured on video and went viral in the national media.

Jayme Ream, the referee from St. Petersburg, and his wife, Michelle, sued four organizations, including the Mid-Florida Youth Football and Cheerleading and the Sarasota County School Board.

On Aug. 27, 2011, the North Port Huskys were badly beating the Sarasota Gators in the youth football organization that rented facilities at Riverview High.

The Gators coaches misunderstood when Ream called a personal foul against the Huskys.

A North Port parent shot the video that showed how the scene escalated. During the fight, Ream was thrown to the ground and fractured his shoulder, and players rushed the field.

The incident resulted in felony battery charges against three Gators coaches and a player.

Ream threw the first punch, though sheriff’s officials determined he was legally defending himself as a coach charged him.

For full details on the story you can check it out HERE on The Sarasota Herald Tribune.


Joseph Randle: Cowboys RB Offered a Jail Booking Official $100 for a Massage [Video]

Joseph Randle was arrested earlier this month for shoplifting cologne and underwear from a department store. CBS Dallas obtained video of his booking, and it doesn’t appear as though the Cowboys running back took his detainment very seriously. “If I give you $100, can you give me a massage?” he asked a woman. “No,” she replied.

He called his agent to say he got “jammed up” and asked for an attorney to provide bond, and wonders if this will end up on the news. (Yup!) There’s no context provided for how it came up, but Randle also brings up Josh Brent: “He’s still in the locker room.”


Hamburger SV Goalkeeper Makes Save with the Family Jewels [Video]

Bayern Munich beat Hamburger SV 3-1 in the German Cup on Wednesday. That’s not much of a surprise, considering Bayern are one of the best teams in Europe, while HSV is one of the worst near the bottom of the Bundesliga standings. However, Hamburg keeper Jaroslav Drobny still managed to put his body (part) on the line — painfully — in the loss when a shot drilled him right in the groin.

Or, as whomever was calling the match for British television said, the family jewels.


Watch Two Black Bears Fight on the Streets of New Jersey [Video]

Two black bears fighting in New Jersey. Was taped this summer, but for some reason, just uploaded this week.


Kemba Walker is Clutch: Forces OT, Then Hits Game-Winner for Hornets [Video]

Kemba Walker made the shot that forced overtime with a second left in regulation. Then he made the game-winner with 5-seconds left in overtime. It was basically the same shot he hit at Madison Square Garden back in his Connecticut days. The *new* Charlotte Hornets have never lost a game. Kemba finished with 26 points on 26 shots. Kobe would be proud.