DeMarcus Cousins Kicked a Chair And Took Two Zach Randolph Elbows to the Face [Video]

DeMarcus Cousins picked up his 3rd foul against the Memphis in the 2nd quarter on Wednesday night. Boogie didn’t appreciate the call and fought the urge to spike the ball and throw his mouth piece while on the court, but when he reached the sideline he expressed his anger by kicking a chair and then sulking at the end of the bench. Sacramento trailed Memphis 52-62 at the half.

DeMarcus Cousins hit in the face by 2 Zach Randolph elbowsLater in the 3rd, Cousins and Zach Randolph exchanged words which ended up in Randolph receiving a technical foul. Randolph followed that up by elbowing Cousins in the face with BOTH elbows and received another foul. Surprisingly, after losing his cool with the chair in the 2nd, DeMarcus maintained his composure here.


Sidney Crosby Wears A GoPro Camera To Show Off His Amazing Stick Handling Skills

In the latest “On the Ice” NHL video by GoPro, you can take a closer look at the amazing talent of Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby.

In the video Crosby goes through a series of drills showing off his impressive stick handling skills. You can also see Crosby make an amazing circus goal where he flips the puck to himself from behind the net and slams it down from mid-air.

hoping can the NHL can figure out how to implement GoPro cameras in-game because the results so far are amazing.


Charles Barkley Calls Skip Bayless A Scumbag On The Dan Patrick Show [Video]

Charles Barkley, who is no stranger to express his true feelings, was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about Kevin Durant’s recent tirade against the media.

During the interview Barkley went in on a few media personalities while saying that most members of the media are good guys.

“The media, for the most part, they’re good people. Peter Vescey’s a scumbag, Skip Bayless is a scumbag. Phil Mushnick, from New York, he’s a scumbag.”

Barkley has a personal history with Vecsey and Mushnick, and has publicly stated that Skip Bayless is “the biggest jackass in the history of journalism“.

Can’t say I disagree with Chuck there.


Reggie Jackson Traded to the Detroit Pistons in 3-Way Trade; OKC Get Enes Kanter

Reggie Jackson, who figures to be one of the hottest free agent point guards this offseason, has been traded to Detroit Pistons in a 3-way trade that netted the Thunder 6-foot-11 center Enes Kanter from the Utah Jazz. Also included in the deal: The Pistons get forward Kyle Singler and the Jazz get Kendrick Perkins.

Detroit, which thrived with Brandon Jennings before his injury, is still within striking distance of a playoff berth, just two games behind Miami for the 8th spot.

Kanter, who turns 23 in May, is enjoying his best year as a pro (13.9 ppg, 7.8 rpg) but he seems to think he’s a lot better than he actually is. His defense isn’t quite there yet, and he’s going to want to get paid (has a qualifying offer of $7.8 million next year). The injury-riddled Thunder could have some depth inside in the postseason once everyone is back – Kanter, Steven Adams and Mitch McGary. They’ll need it against Memphis.


Kevin Garnett Heading Home, Traded to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young

Kevin Garnett is going to the team where his NBA career began: He’s been traded to Minnesota.

The Timberwolves traded Thaddeus Young to the Nets for Garnett, who has talked openly about becoming a part-owner of the team after his career is over. Brooklyn is in full scale fire-sale mode, and is about to trade Brook Lopez to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Garnett had to waive his no-trade clause in order for the deal will get done. KG will ostensibly coach the young core of Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine and Shabazz Muhammad.


Goran Dragic Traded to the Miami Heat

Goran Dragic the talented Phoenix point guard who has said all season he wants out, has been traded to the Miami Heat. It’s unclear what the Heat gave Phoenix, but it’s at least two draft picks.

Dragic had been on the trading block this week because he wasn’t happy with his role in Phoenix’s crowded backcourt and made it clear he wouldn’t re-sign with the Suns when he becomes a free agent after this season.

“I don’t trust them anymore,” Dragic said after the Suns practiced Wednesday.

He said he doesn’t like his role of “standing in the corner” and wants to go to a team where he can “be a point guard, like in the past I was my whole life.”

“To be a point guard, to run the team and have the ball in my hands and try to make plays for others,” Dragic said. “That’s who I am.”

Dragic is averaging 16.2 points and 4.1 assists while shooting 50 percent from the floor during his seventh season in the NBA. He enjoyed a nice run of form in December, averaging 20 points and 5.1 assists per contest in the month.

The 28-year-old Slovenian star has developed into a solid combo guard. He’s at his best when he’s the primary facilitator. It’s a role he should fill regularly with his new team.

The Heat, desperate to get in the playoffs and make some noise – forget about tanking to keep that draft pick! – suddenly look like a sleeper in the East: Dragic and Wade is a nice backcourt, and a frontcourt of Deng, Bosh and the emerging Hassan Whiteside, is pretty strong. There’s no depth, though. Right now, it looks like Miami will finish with the 7th seed – though a Bucks collapse isn’t out of the question – which could put them opposite LeBron and the Cavs in the 1st round.


Warren Sapp Paid $600 for Oral Sex From Prostitute & Recorded Video of it on His Cell Phone

Warren Sapp, who was arrested Super Bowl weekend for soliciting prostitution, allegedly paid the women $600 for oral sex, and recorded one of the acts on his cell phone.

Sapp, who lost his job at the NFL Network after the February arrest, brought two hookers – one was 23-years old, the other 34 – to his room after meeting them at the hotel bar. The women agreed receive $300 each for a blowjob. He took out his cell phone (?!?) to record the 23-year old giving him oral sex.

According to TMZ, a problem arose when one of the women asked for more money for another sex act. An altercation occurred and that’s when the women took off to call police.

This final tidbit seems unbelievable, but it’s in the police report: Sapp showed the cops the video of one of the women giving him oral sex.

Flushing a TV career down the toilet over $600 worth of blowjobs. Seems like a wise career move.