Russian Amateur Hockey Player Takes A Stick To A Referee In Brutal Attack After Penalty, Video Captured On Refs GoPro

As a former hockey referee for 15 years, I’ve had my far share of hate thrown my way on the ice. From moms and dads threating to kick my ass over a call, to breaking up a full on drunk brawl in adult night league. Yet, fortunately I never had a player attack me with his hockey stick unlike this poor bastard refereeing a Russian adult league game. You know these guys had a few shots of vodka before lacing up those skates.

Via PuckDaddy:

RefereeHockey, called a 10-minute penalty and was met with quite the disagreement from one specific player of the offending team. After not taking advice to calm down, the player then proceeded to swing his stick and hit the ref in the head and later deliver a punch while still arguing. The entire incident was all captured on the GoPro camera attached to Tikhonov’s helmet.

Pretty brutal. Hope the dude goes to jail.

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