Hockey Player’s Brother Drills Ref In The Nuts With A Full Beer After He Makes A Bad Call [Video]

This was my nightmare 15 years ago. If you not familiar with my numerous stories of refereeing adult hockey back in my day, let me tell you, this was something I worried about on a constant basis out on the ice. I mean with players drinking kegs out in the parking lot before games, I’ve seen my fair share of drunk fans (and players) at hockey rinks, but I can’t imagine the vast amount of pain this poor ref experienced when he was struck straight in the dick with a full beer can launched from the stands.

During a recent QMJHL game, referee Dominic Bedard gave Francis Perron of the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies a penalty that Perron’s 29-year-old brother, Alexandre, didn’t quite agree with. The older brother hurled a beer FROM THE STANDS and, smack, right in the nuts.

Gotta give the drunk idiot some credit though, phenomenal aim.

Obviously, this did nothing to reverse the penalty call against his brother, and Alexandre was actually arrested for the incident and charged with assault with a weapon. Probably rightfully so..

On one hand, this is awesome because it’s not something you see everyday, especially the direct hit to the nads. On the other, we can’t have our referees out there calling games with the fear of a bad call equaling a lost testicle, so yeah, Alexandre Perron probably deserved the cuffs slapped on him.

Also, for what it’s worth, total waste of a perfectly drinkable beer.

[h/t Hockey Webcast]


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