Crowd Goes Nuts As Monster Truck Pulls Off Front Flip In Las Vegas [Video]

Automobiles were never intended to pull off front flips, nor were they intended to do backflips. But that hasn’t stopped the Monster Truck community from doing things with autos that the rest of the world never attempt. Case in point, Racing Fuels Mad Scientist Lee O’Donnell winning Freestyle Champion at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas this past weekend. 

In order to pull off the front flip, the truck first had to pop a wheelie and hit the jump on just it’s back two tires. Hitting the jump with the front two wheels off the ground caused the monster truck to flip forward, and it was then able to soar through the air and over the next jump, landing perfectly.

I’m not entirely sure if this has ever been pulled off before by a Monster Truck driver. I haven’t really kept up with my Monster Truck news in the past few decades. But even if this isn’t the first time a front flip was pulled off during a Freestyle Monster Truck event I think it’s still obvious that this was straight up insanity.

Here is the full run below:

[H/T r/videos]


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