BoneHead: 12 Notre Dame Lacrosse Players Were Cited on Alcohol Charges…

The Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team has worked its way into the always unfortunate, booze-related headlines as 12 members of the team were cited for various infractions including “furnishing alcohol to a minor” and “illegal consumption of alcohol.” All 12 players were in the same car at the time of the incident.


Getting busted for booze, as common as it is in college, remains one of the more deflating ways to kick off the promising new school year. Especially when it’s not even September yet.


From the police report:


Twelve Notre Dame students were cited on various charges after their car left a liquor store and was then stopped for littering at South Bend Avenue and Jacob Street. All 12 students were in the same car. All occupants indicated they were members of the Notre Dame Lacrosse team. After receiving citations, they walked to their respective dormitories.

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