Aussie Cricketer Takes One Below the Belt For the Team [Video]

Hilton Cartwright is a 24-year old Australian cricketer. During a test match against Pakistan, Cartwright took one to the family jewels from only a few feet away.

Via The Mercury:

Standing just two metres away from the batting crease, Cartwright was sent to the ground in agonising pain when Misbah-ul-Huq smashed a cut shot straight between his legs.

In a painful introduction to Test cricket, Cartwright had no chance of avoiding being hit with the rock hard six stitcher smashing into his groin just 0.2 seconds after it left the bat.

Cartwright was crouched and in a catching position when he was hit from point blank range and did not even have time to flinch before being struck by the rocket.

In American sports terminology, he got hit in the nuts, but the Aussie’s just make it sound so much better.

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