72 Years Old Vince McMahon Got The Crap Beat Out Of Him By Kevin Owens [Video]

Vince McMahon returned to WWE television for a confrontation with Kevin Owens, who in the storyline told Vince’s son Shane last week that his kids would’ve been better off if Shane perished in his recent helicopter crash.

After Vince taunted Owens about his appearance and said that he “suspended” Shane because he didn’t finish the job in beating up Owens after the provocations, he set up a match between Shane and Owens at Hell in a Cell.

Owens said, “So if provoked by a McMahon I can beat him up?” Vince concurred, and Owens proceeded to headbutt him to the ground, knock him over a couple more times, then take his prodigious weight to the top rope and jump on top of him.

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