The Internet Is Baffled By Viral Video Of Cheerleader Stepping Over An Invisible Box

Videos of people seemingly stepping over an invisible box is not something new to the internet, however, this latest video has caused a millions to lose thier min. A Manvel High School cheerleader named Ariel pulled off the unbelievable invisible step maneuver.

It turns out that it is not some Jedi mind trick or a green screen visual effect. The dance move seems to have been documented as early as August of 2014 when Mexican dancer Marcos Grados was seen on a YouTube video performing the invisible step.

Men’s Health fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel says you need a lot of strength and stability. He explained that it is basically a one-legged hop forward with a lot of elevation. “All his hip stabilizers on the right side are firing on overtime to hold that hip in position,” Samuel said. “You’ll notice his body rotates toward the leg on the step as well; there’s a ton of oblique and ab stability maintaining that position.” He added, “Very explosive hip flexor, abdominal and glute strength is what is driving the leg up and over the box.” People are going to get hurt trying to step on an imaginary box. But on the plus side, they will become glorious fail videos.


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