I Can’t Stop Belly Laughing Watching This Video Of A Monkey Throwing His Poop At A Little Girl

This monkey is not pleased for a bevy of reasons, for one he’s locked in this tiny cage. Secondly, he has no privacy. All day long there are people staring into his home. This puts this angry monkey in a shitty mood and he expresses it the only way monkeys can.

The family took a trip to Tiger World, “a nonprofit animal conservation and educational center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals” in Rockwell, North Carolina. One of the two girls is excited to interact with the primate and shouts, “I’ll give you food.” She begins to throw food at the monkey. Now, this baboon doesn’t have food to throw back at them, but he does have poop and plenty of it. He grabs a handful of monkey shit and throws it at the girls. Ass kabobs for the entire family.

One of the little girls gets a mudpie right on her face.

I dry-heaved watching this.


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