Guy Somehow Survives After Motorcycle Flies Off A F*cking Cliff [Video]

This might be the craziest motorcycle crash I have ever seen where the rider actually lived. Watch as this bro smashes into a guardrail while on his motorcycle sending his body into the air over a cliff. He did two flips and then landed into a tree. Yet he somehow not only survived but only had a fractured shoulder. Not to mention that seconds before he flew over the cliff, he was almost about to be hit by a damn SUV.

From The Drive:

In the video below, rider David Park (KoraMK2 on YouTube) and his friends are tackling the canyons when one rider, called Willie, can be seen extending both of his legs while missing a turn. Later on in the video, Willie explains what happened, “My back tire like slipped, and it made me slide forward and then I couldn’t control the bike.” Unfortunately for him, on the other side of the turn lies not a grassy field, but a steep mountainside. The rider hits the guardrail and flips twice, disappearing into the trees. Park descends the terrain, sliding down on the brush quite easily to Willie’s aide, noticing that his left arm may have broken during the accident.

Willie is one lucky SOB.

In the end, Willie was not able to climb up the cliff,  so he had to be airlifted to a hospital. Emergency responders said that Willie was a “lucky man” and things could have been much, much worse.

No Sh*t.

I’m sure old Willie is going to take those turns a lot slower in the future.


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