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Redskins Fan Getting Thrown Off by a Mechanical Bull Perfectly Encapsulates Washington’s Season [Video]

For Washington Redskins fans, the 2013-14 NFL season was one that many would like to forget. Robert Griffin III got hurt, their team finished 3-13, dead last in the NFC East. A division they won last season. Not to mention, the debacle that was Mike Shanahan.  Well, this Redskins fan wearing an RG3 jersey decided to take his season-long frustrations out on the mechanical bull at XFINITY Live! in Philadelphia. Much like Washington’s hopes this year, it looked promising  at the start, but soon turns to sheer embarrassment. Watch as the drunken fan raises his arms, expecting to conquer his his mechanical opponent. Then the bull switches on and he goes head-first onto the floor. Genius.