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Dez Bryant Screamed Angrily at Tony Romo and Cowboys Assistant Coach Derek Dooley, Then Scored a Clutch TD [Video]



Dez Bryant yelling at Derek Dooley and Tony Romo



Dez Bryant, who earlier had one of the best touchdown catches of the season, has been known to have his fair share of immature moments and he had one Sunday against the Lions. Bryant blew up on the sideline late in the third quarter at assistant coach Derek Dooley and QB Tony Romo. No one is quite sure why, but this could be the best sideline explosion since New England’s Tom Brady berated then-assistant Bill O’Brien a few years back.


Despite the soap opera on the sideline the Cowboys lead 20-17 in the 4th quarter.




[UPDATE: It seams Dez has made up with Romo after this 50-yard catch and run for his second TD of the game. Cowboys lead 27-24 with 3 minute left in the game.]