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Justin Brent: Notre Dame Receiver Hanging Out with Porn Star Lisa Ann at a Knicks Game [UPDATE]

Justin Brent, a freshman receiver for Notre Dame, was “hanging out” at a Knicks preseason game Wednesday night with adult film star Lisa Ann. Who is a follower of the SportsCast. It doesn’t appear as if they just took two photos together … maybe they’re dating? She’s 42. He’s … 18. She posted these photos to her Instagram page.

justin brent and lisa ann

Notre Dame has a bye this week.

Enter recruiting jokes here.

[UPDATE: So yeah, here we are. A Notre Dame player is seen with a famous porn star. Darren Rovell, of course, chimes in with the Notre Dame Code of Conduct section on sex.

My only advice to Brent, just like with autographs, is plausible deniability. Yeah, there are a lot of my autographs out there/I was seen at a public event with a porn star, but that does not mean I got paid/laid.

We will keep you updated as this stories continues to develope]



EPISODE 190: Special Guest Sam Tripoli joins the show for our week 8 NFL winners. The Guru raves about his Cowboys. BudKnocker breaks down the college football weekend. Johnny Ice Box gets ready to head to Vegas. Other topics on the show include: Lawrence Brooks BOOM/BUST for Fantasy Football, Shot of the Week Award, World Series talk, and mid-season awards.


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Arkansas Frat Bros Throw Down, Keep Fighting After Cop Arrives [Video]

According to this video’s uploader, this is a scuffle between Arkansas SAE and Sigma Nu bros. Without knowing much of the back story between the two frats, it’s probably safe to assume that they flat out don’t like each other. This is at least the second tailgate fight sequence to emerge from this past Saturday’s Arkansas-Georgia game.

[H/T @BunkiePerkins]


Two Oklahoma State Football Players Arrested After Falling Asleep in Whataburger Drive-Thru

Oklahoma State wide receiver Jhajuan Seales and cornerback Juwan Offray were arrested for public intoxication in Stillwater early Sunday morning. According to Tulsa World, both players were allegedly “totally asleep and oblivious” in a Whataburger drive-thru line; Seales, who admitted to drinking, was at the wheel and officers say the engine was running in drive and the receiver’s foot was on the breaks.

The police report indicates that the officers awakened Seales and Offray by knocking on the car windows. Seales and Offray “seemed very lethargic and confused” and “their eyes were red and watery with a glassy appearance,” the report states.

More from the officers’ report: “I observed Seales trying to turn the vehicle off and he seemed very confused and unable to possess even the manual dexterity to simply turn the key to the off position. In fact, (Offray) had to physically help Seales turn the vehicle off.”

“When Jhajuan opened the driver-side door,” one of the officers reported, “I was immediately overwhelmed with a very strong odor associated with an alcoholic beverage coming from the car.”

It seems weird that Seales wasn’t charged with DUI. Offray was also cited for hampering an officer after initially providing an incorrect name.


Florida State Escaped Notre Dame Upset Bid 31-27

Jameis Winston fist pump - Notre Dame

Notre Dame impressed. But Florida State came back for a 31-27 win, with Jameis Winston leading three touchdown drives in the 2nd half. FSU kept its playoff hopes alive. Notre Dame may still be a factor as well. What’s clear is the playoff has really ruined the regular season, you guys.

The Irish had what looked like the game-winning touchdown in the closing seconds called off for offensive pass interference.

Notre Dame called for OPI against Florida State

You make the call….