Neymar Had a Heated Altercation With Fans After Brazil Won Olympic Gold [Video]

Brazil defeated Germany in the 2016 Olympic soccer final on Saturday. It was a decent consolation prize for the home country that watched its team lose to Germany in Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semis. After the match, Neymar sported a headband that read “100% JESUS” and did a victory lap that included a stop to interact with some unruly fans.

According to the Mirror, Neymar had words with the fans earlier in the match.

The Barcelona forward had an issue with the pair after he demanded a foul in the first half near the touchline. The fans reportedly made fun of the number 10 which he turned and addressed at the time.

He returned after winning gold for one last goodbye.

The furious Brazilian spouted heated words – reports in Brazil claimed he said: “Go take it up the a***, this is Brazil!”.

The Olympic spirit really is indomitable.

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