Special Q&A Pictorial Feature: Miss January 2014 – Candice Everwood

unnamedBorn: August 14th 1992
From: Seattle, WA
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/candiceeverwood

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/candiceeverwood

Official site: Coming soon

Photo Credits: Mike Wolfe at Legendary Photography, Jazon Anderson at Jazon Anderson Photography, Kozmo Bates at Koz Photos

About Candice: I’m free spirited, fun, and postitive girl. I started modeling this past summer after alot of my hours got cut at work. I’d always thought about modeling but never thought I’d go anywhere with it or get as much of a fan response as I have gotten. It’s been so exciting to hear from people around the world saying they love my photos.

Besides modeling I also dance, host, promote, and ring card. I love doing so many different bookings because mo booking I do is ever the same and I get to meet so many different kinds of people.

When I’m not working you can find me in the gym. Right now I’m obsessed with yoga especially hot yoga. I also take classes to learn French. Id love to visit France one day and be able to at least order a drink correctly. In the future I hope to still be modeling and dancing and also have my own business. It’s one of my dreams to own a tattoo and piercing shop. Right now I do promo work for a local shop and am working towards a piercing apprenticeship.

Loves: Lingerie, Margaritas, Music Festivals, Men, Women, Manicures, Beaches, and Traveling


 Something Readers Wouldn’t Expect:

Most people don’t know that I’m actually really short. I’m only 4’10”. I always wear 6″ heels when im out so nobody ever notices.


What motivates you:

All the places I haven’t been and things I haven’t experienced. When I’m older I want to know I lived a full life and had a badass time.


Do you find it hard to balance work and personal life:

I’m really fortunate to have very supportive people in my life. It helps that when I work at shows or clubs I’m able to invite friends out


What kind of girl were you growing up:

I was really shy growing up. I had a really hard time talking to new people and spent most of my time reading. Nobody that knows me now believes me when I tell them that because I’m so different now.


Name one thing you can’t live without:

French Kissing!


What has changed since becoming a public figure:

I have a lot more opportunities to travel and different social circles. My schedule is a lot more full too. Other than that not too much has changed I’m still the same chick with most of the same people into life.


What is one thing you’d love to see happen:

A woman to become president.


If you could go anywhere right now where would you go?

Vegas. It’s like my second home.


What is your favorite sport:

To watch; MMA and football. I also love watching the x games. I’m not very athletic but I like to snowboard.




Photography: Mike Wolfe at Legendary Photography, Jazon Anderson at Jazon Anderson Photography, Kozmo Bates at Koz Photos

Edited by Josh Pacheco

For Booking Info: https://www.facebook.com/candiceeverwood

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