NAME: Brittany Lee

Born: Febuary 15th, 1986

From: Moline, Illinois

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Twitter: @BrittanyLeeOFCL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brittany.Lee.Modeling.Page

Offical Site: www.BrittanyLeeOfficial.com


Meet Brittany:

Brittany was born & raised in a metropolitan, Midwest town called Moline, Illinois.. also known as the Quad Cities on February 15th, 1986. Throughout her adolescent years, she excelled in ASA fast-pitch softball, dance and gymnastics. 

When Brittany turned 15, she turned her energies into becoming a singer and soon found love for country, R&B and pop music with the help of local dj/producer Dj Dolla.

Within a few short years, she had met several professionals in the music industry who saw some potential and started to mold her into a true artist. While working on her career, she was also: Dancing/Cheerleading for the Quad City Steamwheelers Arena Football, a Miller Lite Girl and Hardees Hottie, and several other promotional companies.

At the young ripe age of 23, Brittany suddenly fell ill and was forced to take a break. After a long recovery and time to rethink her future plans. Brittany was open to other possibilities. She was then working as a Hooters Girl in Davenport,IA. where her first shot with Jack Willits, their Calendar Photographer, produced her first professional shots. After those photos were published, S & K Models, photographers Matt Lusk and Chris Keeling, and Michael Bartelt contacted her. Mr. Keeling introduced Brittany to workshops, he and Mr. Bartelt showed her the ropes on photography and posing. In addition to that, she was working with S & K Models who had her doing more training and commercial work. 

Brittany found her calling as an independent model and took her career into her own hands. She started producing professional content that impressed the eyes of the CEO & Founder at La Tan, who then offered Brittany a Billboard that was to be posted in Chicago, IL. In 2011, she was approached to enter a Pageant and represent an “At Large” contestant as Miss Tennessee Spirit (http://www.americanspiritpageants.com/). She then won Tiara Trade’s Miss August Photogenic 2011, and First runner up for Miss February Miss Photogenic 2011. 

Brittany is currently represented by HowieWood Entertainment, while working with PUSH Models and Promotions, Reiman’s Harley Davidson, LA Tan and occasionally as a Ring girl for BlueBlood MMA. She has done work for some major companies such as Maxim Magazine, and Sony. She also has been found dancing on stages, and still hanging around the music industry. Through Facebook and Twitter she has established a following with her fans. She credits social media in helping building most of her career, and many supporters in her hometown, on both sides of the river in Iowa & Illinois.


Brittany just won a spot in the International Bikini Model Search Contest and just shot their Bikini Calendar in the Bahamas.

Check out more information at http://www.thebikinimodelsearch.net/Bikini-Model-Search.html

Booking Please Contact:

HOWIEWOOD Entertainment Howard “Howie” Wood – Personal Management for Celebrities, Reality TV Superstars, Bands, DJ’s, & Published Models booking@howiewoodentertainment.com


QUESTION & ANSWER with Brittany Lee


Tell our readers something about yourself they would not have expected?

I am a big tomboy that loves her heels!! Actually I have broken numerous bones and dislocations. I grew up playing ASA, NSA fast pitch softball since I was in 4th grade!  Been to Nationals and State over 8 years in a row!  This meant a lot of hotels and traveling almost every weekend! Plus having a family that owned a ranch out in the country didn’t help much.


What motivates you?

Nothing motivates me more than someone telling me I can’t do or have something…. Ask anyone who has ever said that to me… I proved them wrong!


Do you find it hard to balance your career with your personal life?

It definitely can be difficult. Especially when you’re trying to fit all your shoots in, trying to make time for your family and loved ones, seeing your friends. Plus on top of that some of us try to keep a regular job on the side.


What unique qualities separate you from other models?

I take pride in the fact that I have had several photographers compliment me on my personality and how down to earth I am.  Plus I’m not afraid to say “Thank You”.  I’ve been around so many rude and unthankful people; some of the things I have heard just blow me away.  And then of course you have to ones who just get the “big head” going.  If I ever get to that point … Please someone smack me!!!

I think the fact that I have gotten to experience so much and have been around enough people, it helps me get a strong grip on who I want to be; while still achieving what I want.


Name the one thing you can’t live without.

I couldn’t live without music; it helps me get through my day… everyday.  Then again maybe my cell phone too… I mean, I am a girl!


What kind of girl were you growing up?

I was the girl that didn’t wear makeup till almost out of high school. I liked to see how high I could jump, how fast I could go, how strong I really was. Paying for it now of course… My body absolutely hates me!


What has changed since becoming a model and public figure?

I try to be a lot more to myself and watch my language, and actions.  I also watch what type of pictures I do and with whom. Never know when your past will catch up to you. And who is going to try to make a few bucks selling them.


Name the one thing you would love to see happen in this world.

 I would really like to see the entire bullying stop… schools, internet, any form of it.  I’ve been a victim of it myself.


CREDITS: Maxim Magazine- INDY Halloween Party 2012 Reiman’s Harley Davidson Billboards 2012 The International Bikini Model Search Contest Winnter 2012 Reiman’s Harley Davidson Calendar and Posters 2012 LA TAN BILLBOARD-CHICAGO- 2012 Sony – CarShow SpokesModel BLUEBLOOD MMA RING GIRL 2012 The Biker Spot Magazine 2012 August Calendar Girl Geenius Magazine 2012 105.7 The X Rocks- Hot Girl of the Day 2012 Nate’s Hotrode & Bike Calendar 2012 93X Rocks!- Hot Rock Girl of the Day (http://www.93x.com/article.asp?ID=23585 … 00%3A00+PM)- 2012 2 yr. Professional Dancer/ Cheerleading Team for Arena Football- Steamwheeler Deckmates & Quad City Motion Dance Team Gravity Slashers-Trophy Girl 2011 Killer Offroading Girl 2011 GLOW ENT. – Promotion Girl 2011 BUDWEISER/ DWYER & MICHAELS CLASSIC CAR CALENDAR- Miss October 2011 Tanning Company Commercial 2011 American Spirit Pageant– MISS TENNESSEE SPIRIT 2011 HAWKS OPINION MMA HAWKS HOTTIE 2011 BROKENDOLLS MODEL SPOTLIGHT 9-20-2011 KNOWLEDGE SCHOOL IN BUSINESS- istock TEAR SHEET 2011 SHAGERIFIC ADULT WEAR- istock TEAR SHEET 2011 First runner up on Tiara Trade.com for Miss February Photogenic 2011 Miss August 2011 Photogenic for Tiara Trade Your Dictionary- istock tear sheet 2011 The Peace Rug- istock tear sheet 2011 Allfred E. Shirtman Inc.- Promotion Girl/Spokes-model 2010 Fox 18 Commercial 2010 BUDWEISER/ DWYER & MICHAELS 2010 Classic Car Calendar – Miss June Thunder Roads Magazine – August 2010 Filmed a Instructional Dance video with Veritas LC. 2010 Miller Lite Promotional Girl Hardees Hottie SK Model Management w/Training in Model & Commercial work-unsigned agency.






  1. Brittany has heart like no other, her beauty on the outside is a reflection from within of this young lady.

    She is out going, fun, supportive, and just a wonderful person to be around

    i am happy to see her having this kind of exposure and support!

    Go Brit!

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