“You Got Knocked the F*ck Out!”: RG3 Got Drilled by Connor Barwin As Eagles Pound the Redskins [Video]


Robert Griffin III hit hard by Eagles-bRobert Griffin III hit hard by Eagles-a


The Philadelphia Eagles came out to play today against the Washington Redskins, as the Philly defense has punished RG3 all game long. Watch Connor Barwin drill the Redskins QB and plant him into the turf so hard that Griffin’s helmet came off. This wasn’t just a nasty hit – the ball popped up and was intercepted by the Eagles. It killed a Washington drive in the red zone.


How long can RG3 continue to take these kinds of hits?


The Eagles lead 24-0 in the 3rd quarter, as even Fox 11 has tuned into a more competitive game.



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