Seahawks’ Earl Thomas Greets Jason Garrett In The Locker Room And Tells The Cowboys To Sign Him Next Season

The Seattle Seahawks “Legion of Boom” maybe coming to a end when the season finishes, as Seahawks safety Earl Thomas seems like he wants out of Seattle after his contract expires after this season.

Via The News Tribune.

Thomas, the three-time All-Pro safety, turns 29 in May. He is the only member of the Seahawks’ famed “Legion of Boom” secondary from the 2013 and ’14 Super Bowl seasons still healthy and playing. His contract also ends after the 2018 season.

When asked this past week about his future, Thomas said: “I know whoever gets me, I’m balling. That’s it. I know I’m hot.”

Priorities have indeed changed. Thomas got married last year. He and his wife Nina, his high-school sweetheart in Orange, Texas, five hours southeast of Dallas, have a young daughter, Kaleigh Rose. He wants to know where his next—and perhaps final NFL—contract is coming from, plus when, and for how much.

On Sunday after the Seahawks beat the Cowboys, Thomas greeted Cowboys coach Jason Garrett in the locker room and lobbied the Cowboys to sign him next season if they have the chance.

Of course Thomas’ lobbying didn’t go over well with Seahawks fans.

When asked about the “come get me” comment, Thomas didn’t really take it back.

As a Cowboys fan I would welcome Thomas with open arms, however, its probably not the best idea to lobby to get on other team when you’re currently in the playoff hunt with your current team.

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