Junior Galette: Saints Linebacker in Police Custody After Getting Into an Altercation & Throwing Woman Out of His Home

Junior Galette mugshotJunior Galette, the Saints linebacker who has 22 sacks in the last two seasons, appears to be the next player to test the league’s new stance on domestic violence. According to multiple reports, Galette is in the custody of the Kenner (LA) Police Department this morning.

News Talk 99.5 WRNO says that the incident involved a 22-year old woman and another man.

[UPDATE: The Times-Picayune has further details on the arrest, as well as the mugshot.

The 22-year old woman is at various points described as an assistant to Galette who had stayed with him for two years, and someone who isn’t a “significant other” and described as a “dancer.” The woman claims to have spent the night at Galette’s house, and tried to wake him to get cab money. Galette told his cousin, Terrance Banks, to take care of it, then both told her they weren’t paying. That led to the dispute that ultimately led to the police.

According to the story, they pushed her, were on top of her, then she grabbed a knife temporarily. They threw her out of the house and when police arrived, she had bleeding on her right ear and scratches.]

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