Arizona Cardinals WR Marquis Bundy Arrested For Loving A Hat WAY Too Much [Video]

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquis Bundy went to a club in Scottsdale last weekend and had to take off his hat at the door. (The no hat rule is not uncommon at clubs now a days.) After partying all night he went back to retrieve the hat, but it was gone. Police showed up and Bundy wouldn’t take “we don’t know where your hat is” for an answer. As the arrest video shows, police begged Bundy to leave so they wouldn’t have to arrest him. His friends even tried to carry him away, but Bundy really had a affection for his hat. Eventually, after multiple chances to just go home, the police had to arrest him and take him to jail. It really is one of the most remarkable NFL arrest videos you’ll ever see. And it must have been one hell of a hat.

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