Vegas Over/Under Win Totals For The 2017-18 NBA Season Have The Cavs Finishing Second In The East

Westgate Las Vegas has released its latest NBA futures projections with over/under win totals for the league’s teams. It’s safe to say Sin City doesn’t project a great performance by the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2017-18 regular season.

Jeff Sherman posted the over/under projections on Tuesday an here’s what they look like in alphabetical order:

Atlanta 25.5
Boston 56.5
Brooklyn 28.5
Charlotte 42.5
Chicago 21.5
Cleveland 53.5
Dallas 35.5
Denver 45.5
Detroit 38.5
Golden State 67.5
Houston 55.5
Indianapolis 31.5
Los Angeles Clippers 43.5
Los Angeles Lakers 33.5
Memphis 37.5
Miami 43.5
Milwaukee 47.5
Minnesota 48.5
New Orleans 39.5
New York 30.5
Oklahoma 51.5
Orlando 33.5
Philadelphia 42.5
Phoenix 28.5
Portland 42.5
Sacramento 28.5
San Antonio 54.5
Toronto 48.5
Utah 40.5
Washington 47.5

The Cavs — who won 51 regular season games last season — rank fifth, behind the Golden State Warriors (67.5), Boston Celtics (56.5), Houston Rockets (55.5) and San Antonio Spurs (54.5). That either means Vegas doesn’t like the Cavs chances to win the Eastern Conference, or the group wisdom is that LeBron James and his fellow veterans will get plenty of rest during the regular season.

I would like to think that Lebron and Co. would do the smart thing and rest during the regular season (which they have done for the past 3 years), because whether Kyrie stays in Cleveland or not, the Cavs will be in the Eastern Conference Finals once again.

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