Man Loses Bet Over Warriors/Rockets Game, Is Duct Taped To A Road Sign On A Buy Street [Video]

These guys took the Duct Tape Challenge to a whole new level. 

As a betting man myself I have wagered my fair share of money and had to do some pretty embarrassing sh*t, however, I have never had to do what this losers friends mad him do. The loser of a bet getting taped to a road sign pole on a busy road might be the best stakes of a bet I ever heard. Sure, the loser looks like a total asshole after he is attached to the pole, but goddamn if that isn’t the point of a bet that doesn’t involve money.

At this moment I knew I fucked up #haha😹😭

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So good. And the story of this guy getting down makes it even better.

According to WFAA

Drivers in northeast Houston were doing double takes Wednesday when they spotted some poor guy duct-taped to a yield sign.

Somebody called the cops and they pulled up just in time to see a guy with a knife approach the man.

“Drop the knife or I’ll Tase you,” one officer shouted.

Turns out the guy with the knife was there to cut his friend down from the sign.

They explained to the officers that Miguel Chavez was taped to the sign after losing a bet on the Rockets/Warriors game.

The cops helped get Chavez down and even gave him a ride home.

I motion that, from this point on, all sports bets against friends end with someone duct taped to a pole.


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