LeBron James Got Into Heated Exchange With Heckling Fan After Last Night’s Game 3 Loss

LeBron James did not take last night’s game 3 loss against the Celtics very well.

According to several reports, LeBron got into a heated exchange with a heckling fan who was mocking the Cavs star about his 11 point performance.

Via USA Today

LeBron James exchanged words with a heckling fan just before his postgame press conference following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 111-108 loss to the Boston Celtics Sunday in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals.

James was about to walk into the interview room when a fan chastised him for scoring just 11 points. James did a quick 180 and asked the fan what he said. The fan repeated the line about just 11 points. At that point, James walked toward the fan and asked him what he has ever done.

The fan said he played at Hiram College, a private liberal arts school in Hiram, Ohio.

Security then ushered the fan away from James and into a room. It was an intense moment made strange by the fact that a Cavs fan would heckle James for an off night when James is the one who delivered Cleveland a championship last June.

After snapping at the fan, LeBron took out his frustrations on a reporter at the postgame press conference just moments later.

It seems like Bron Bron was just having a little fun with the reporter, rather than being irritated by the question, nontheless, the King needs to take loses a little better.

Hey, Lebron that guy in the stands taking sh*t is nothing bro, your the god damn king of the NBA, just ignore the fool.

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