Racer Drives Over The Opponent’s Car, Get Tased, Escorted Off Track in Handcuffs [Video]

A race car driver was filmed driving over the top of an opponent’s vehicle leading to a brawl and arrest at the Anderson Speedway in Indiana, USA. Two drivers in a Figure 8 race take each other out. Guy #1’s car stalls on the track so Guy #2 drives over and does an anger doughnut before driving onto the hood of the Guy #1’s car. Guy #1 then exits his car, runs around to the driver’s side of the car on his hood and starts punching Guy #2 while multiple people stand around watching. Eventually Police Officer #1 comes running in and tases Guy #1.

Guy #2, Jeff Swinford, was charged with Class A misdemeanor criminal recklessness and has been banned from Anderson Speedway.

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