Kurt Busch Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is a Trained Assassin [UPDATE]

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch was investigated for domestic assault, for allegedly smashing his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll’s head into a wall in September.

During a hearing about a protection order, Busch testified Driscoll, head of the Armed Forces Foundation, was “a trained assassin” who killed drug lords with “long-range sniper rifles and close combat tactics.” The description sounds like something out of a movie.

Once, he said, they were in El Paso, Texas, where Driscoll had left that night in camouflage and boots. She returned later to the hotel at which he was staying wearing a trench coat. Under it she was wearing an evening gown splattered with blood and other matter, Busch testified.

Among the claims Busch made about Driscoll on Tuesday was that she asserted a female character in the film Zero Dark Thirty was based on her and other similar people. Busch has also testified that Driscoll showed him pictures of dead bodies, among other stories that fed the notion she was a contract killer.

Busch acknowledged there are those who don’t believe him. “Everyone on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived it on the inside.”

He finished 12th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings this past season in his maiden year with Stewart-Haas Racing.

UPDATE: NASCAR driver Kurt Busch defended himself from allegations he slammed ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll’s head into a wall by portraying her as a trained assassin. This promotional video for her defense company, found by the Charlotte Observer, does portray her as a badass with weapons training. Still a long way from that to slipping off in the night to pop drug cartel members in an evening gown…



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