UFC Fighter Ed Herman Posts Photo Of Gruesome Finger Injury On Twitter And I Think I Just Threw Up In My Mouth

If you’re a MMA fan, then you’ve probably seen your fair share of gruesome injuries. However, this recent injury suffered by UFC light heavyweight fighter Ed Herman, might be one of the worst. Herman was doing some DIY work around the house when things went horribly wrong. During an interview with MMA Fighting, Herman revealed that he lost the tip of his finger while attempting to fix a well that distributes water to his home.

Via MMA Fighting

“As each section of pipe comes out, you put the clamp on the pipe and then you unscrew it and take it out,” Herman told MMA Fighting. “Then you gotta hook the crane thing back up to the next piece of piping. But I kind of jumped the gun and didn’t realize he didn’t hook it back up all the way. I pulled the clamp lever and it started falling back down into the well housing and my instincts were to grab a hold of it. For some reason. Like I could actually catch it, I’m so strong.

“It just sucked my hand right down into the well housing. Before I could let go of it all the way, it caught the tip of my finger and just chopped the tip of my finger off. Luckily I kind of let go or it would have took all four of my fingers. I’m kind of lucky in a sense that it didn’t do that.”

Herman shared a few pictures of his injured finger on social media and it’s pretty fucking nasty.

Warning: Pictures are pretty gruesome and probably NSFW.

(Click here and here for the pics.)


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