Miesha Tate On Ronda Rousey: She Sounds More Motivated to Make Babies Than Fight

Miesha Tate choked out Holly Holm to win the UFC women’s bantamweight title over the weekend, and Dana White said that Tate will now fight Ronda Rousey to defend the belt.

In an interview with TMZ, it didn’t necessarily seem like Tate thought that an 8-month layoff was the best idea.

“I am interested in it for sure,” she said. “I was supposed to fight her when Holly fought her and beat her, so I was prepared and ready for that, and I’ve been ready for that for a long time. But, I also know that Ronda’s not really slated to come back until around November, and that’s kind of a long time to just sit and be idle. Now that I’m the champion I feel like I have unlimited energy.”

“I don’t even know what she’s thinking right now,” Tate continued. “Her motivation to stick around was to have Travis Browne’s babies. I’m just saying … it came from her. I didn’t say it, she said it. She’s like ‘alright, I lost this belt, and my motivation is to have Travis Browne’s babies.’ That doesn’t sound like a very motivated fighter. Every time I’ve ever lost my motivation is to get back up on the horse and fight someone again and work my way back up to the top.”

Tate was referring to an interview that Rousey did with Ellen Degeneres last month. Rousey and Tate have fought twice before — in Strikeforce in 2012, and in UFC in 2013 — and Rousey won both bouts by submission. There will be many more months of these promos until they meet again.

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