Conor McGregor Being Sued For Throwing Full Cans of Soda Across a Crowded Room at UFC 202 Press Conference

Conor McGregor is being sued. No, not by the people who bet on him in a boxing match, but for an incident at a UFC press conference in August 2016. Before UFC 202, McGregor threw bottles and cans across a crowded room at Nate Diaz and his team. One of those cans – specifically, a Monster Energy drink – allegedly hit a security guard.

According to The Blast (a new site run by former TMZ employees) William Pegg “claims he was hit in the back by the can, near his left shoulder.  He says he incurred medical expenses totaling just under $5,000 as a result.”

Pegg is suing for $95,000 a number he reached based on Conor McGregor making $15 million for that fight and Nick Diaz landing 166 significant strikes during the UFC 202 bout.

Huh. Well the guy wants some dough to go away. The American way.

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