David Ortiz’s Roast Pulled From TV Because Of Rob Gronkowski’s Made Jokes About Masturbation And Race

It looks like Rob Gronkowski is to vulgar for cable TV. According to the Boston Globe, last week’s roast of former Red Sox star David Ortiz got pulled from the air by NESN because the network was concerned about several of Gronk’s jokes at the event.

Here are a few jokes by Gronk that were deemed too explicit for T.V.

“Anthony [Mackie] played Falcon in Captain America: Civil War. Anthony, you were terrible, dog. It was the worst I’ve seen a Falcon look since the second half of Super Bowl LI,” said Gronkowski regarding the game in which he was unable to participate due to injury. “I don’t even need to play the f–king game, and I’m still going to the Hall of Fame! And that superhero, you know, that Falcon, the superhero. That’s the black guy. You know, who can even fly when he’s not being chased by the cops? That’s his super power.”

“You wanna know why Jews do play football? To get their quarter back, you cheap f–k.”

A“David, thanks for showing up on time to all the Dunkin Donuts shoots. I had a blast jackin’ off for two hours in your green room every time. Hopefully you never use those pillows on your breaks.”

Once again the political correctness of America strikes again. When will people realize that we’re all to damn sensitive, and need to lighten up. A roast of someone is supposed to be insulting and embarrassing, funny and crude, so why all the fuss? It’s time we all grow up, and if something offends you then don’t watch/listen to it. Change the channel.

As for Gronk, never change man.

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