Chicago Cubs Finally Get A World Series Trophy, Then Take It To A Party And Break It

It took 108 years for the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series trophy, but it only took a few months to break it.

Cubs GM Theo Epstein decided to take the Commissioner’s Trophy out partying and some drunk people dropped it at the Hot Stove Cool Music concert Saturday night in Boston.

At least “a few” of the 30 flags on the trophy reportedly snapped off.

The pieces were later retrieved and the trophy was “repaired” in time to be displayed alongside the Red Sox trophy at Sunday’s primetime Cubs-Sox game at Fenway. As far as we know, none of the fans who donated $20 to the Red Sox Foundation and Chicago Cubs Charities to have their picture taken with the trophies noticed the solder (or superglue) that was keeping the Cubs trophy together.

That fact this happened under Epstein’s watch makes a lot of sense. He may be a future Hall of Fame front-office mastermind, but he’s still down for a good time.

[Boston Globe]

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