You Can Now Buy A LaVar Ball Autographed Trading Card For Only $59.95!

LaVar Ball continues to make peoples head shake, as the father of future NBA first round pick Lonzo, is selling 200 autographed trading cards which you can buy for $59.95 a piece. Each card will feature one of his dumb claims and will be available for purchase on Ebay according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. Yes, you are reading this right – you can now buy trading cards (which became irrelevant over two decades ago) of a non-athlete for more than you paid for an entire box of cards back in the 80’s. What a time to be alive.

Here’s the guy producing the cards via ESPN:

“The fact is that LaVar Ball is a significant pop culture icon,” Gray said. “My job is to create a collectible element for personalities like him. We’ll now see if the market is real, not based on what people will pay to first buy them, but what they will resell them for.”

If you, or someone you know purchases the LaVar Ball autographed trading card, please cut them out of your life forever.

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