The BUZZ: USA – Germany Match Day; NBA Draft Day; Tyson Chandler Trade; Eli Wallach Died; Betting on Luis Suarez to Bite Someone Pays

Have a great Thursday everyone, here are some of todays top stories from across the globe…

  • Man in Norway made World Cup wager that Luis Suarez would bite someone. Suarez then took a bite out of Giorgio Chiellini. This man won $5,600. [Buzzer]
  • Rick Vanderhook, the Cal State Fullerton coach got suspended this year. Here are the secretively recorded videos that probably did it. [Deadspin]
  • Time starts a sports network that is not Sports Illustrated. [New York Times]
  • 15 of the worst pro wrestling gimmick costumes. [Cage Potato]
  • There was a 6-player trade between the Mavs and Knicks. [USA Today]
  • Play Pacman, but as Luis Suarez. [Biteman]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Ariana Grande (21), Derek Jeter (40), Michael Vick (34), Ryan Tedder (35), Deron Williams (30), Sean Hayes (44), Aubrey Plaza (30), Samir Nasri (30), Gretchen Wilson (41), Raymond Felton (30), Mick Jones (50), Chris O’Donnell (44)


*Here’s a profile of a wingsuit pilot.

*Two teenagers are in the hospital following concussions suffered playing rugby.

*Pugs of Westeros. LMAO


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