Ryen Russillo Addresses Arrest in Show Opener, Says He’ll Have To “Wear It” In The Form Of Listener Jokes For Years To Come [Video]

ESPN radio host Ryen Russillo returned to work today following his suspension last week after his drunken arrest in Wyoming. To open the show, he spent the first six minutes addressing it the incident, putting the blame all on himself, and apologizing especially to the bosses who have pushed for him over the years. He thanked the friends who reached out to him for support in the aftermath of the incident, and acknowledged that he’ll have to “wear it” in the form of listener jokes for years to come.

Personally, I’m not a huge ESPN radio listener anymore (that’s a different story), but have listened to Russillo in the past and have to say he was one of my favorite personalities at ESPN. So with that being said, I’m glad the guy is back on the air, and that this did not ultimately cost him his career at ESPN.

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