Magazine Claims Aaron Rodgers Dumped Olivia Munn Because She Was “Controlling”

Last week we reported that Aaron Roders and Olivia Munn broke up, however, the reasons were unclear, until today. A new report from Us Weekly says that Munn was “controlling,” and the reason why the couple broke up.

The magazine’s report – which isn’t online, but was aggregated by the New York Post – claims:

“The big issue is that Olivia doesn’t get along with his family. They think she’s controlling,” a source told the magazine.

The family’s dirty laundry became a prominent story line on last summer’s “The Bachelorette” as the quarterback’s younger brother, Jordan, competed and won the affection of leading lady, now fiancée, JoJo Fletcher.

Munn, who is 36, has been dating Rodgers for nearly three years, neither has spoken publicly since the break up.

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