LaVar Ball Selling T-Shirt Commemorating the Time He Told Kristine Leahy to Stay In Her Lane

LaVar Ball continues to be one of my favorite dudes, and now he’s selling a t-shirt commemorating the time he battled with Kristine Leahy. Yup, you heard me right, the Big Baller Brand is selling a black t-shirt with “STAY IN YO LANE” on the front. There are a variety t-shirts with a similar sentiment available online, however, you’ll have to drop $50. I sure hope he sends Kristine one. 

The Ball brand also sells women’s clothes now so there’s nothing left for anyone to criticize.

Like I said on our podcast last week, I admit LaVar is crazy, and his shoes are way overpriced, but the guy is a marketing genius. If Lonzo gets drafted by either the Lakers or the Celtics, and becomes the star all the NBA experts think he will be, then Lavar could and will change the shoe/merchandise game forever.


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