LaVar Ball Says He’s Not Worried About LiAngelo Getting UCLA Education In New CNN Interview [Video]

LaVar Ball went back for Round II with Chris Cuomo on CNN. Perhaps learning his lesson from the last time, Cuomo thanked him profusely for coming back on the show.

The conversation again centered on what happened in China with LiAngelo’s shoplifting, and eventually got to this exchange about the education that he is foregoing by leaving school:

Cuomo: You worried about compromising his future? UCLA is a great ticket for him it’s a great education.

Ball: We’re going FORWARD with his future. With a great education of what? Now, if my boy wanted to be the smartest guy in the room, YES! With UCLA we’d have to wait back and say, ‘Wow.’ But to be the world’s greatest basketball player, man, it’s not rocket scientists. Either you got the talent or you don’t.

Woj tweeted last night that one NBA GM didn’t even have the middle Ball brother on his extended scouting lists, and that LiAngelo “will struggle to find a serious job playing pro basketball, including the G-League.”

I guess we’ll see what the endgame is, but the best course of action for LaVar would have been to have LiAngelo to lay low and take his medicine from UCLA for a couple months until this all blew over.

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