Here Are The 9 Hottest MILFs In Movie History According To Playboy Magazine [Video]

While I appreciate the fact that Playboy went to the trouble to compile a list of the hottest MILFs in movie history, and I do, why stop at just nine? And while this list may have been chosen based on over 9,900 votes, I’m still wondering who should be number 10? Of course that could also be because these nine ladies are all cougarlicious, so there is also that factor to consider.

Here’s the list:

9. Leslie Mann
8. Maria Bello
7. Ashley Judd
6. Anne Bancroft
5. Julia Roberts
4. Jane Seymour
3. Jane Fonda
2. Angelina Jolie
1. Diane Lane

Let us know who should be number 10 in the comments. I’m throwing Stifler’s mom in American Pie out there. Just saying.

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