Tiger Woods Threatens Legal Action Over Nude Photo Leaked Online

Tiger Woods has threatened legal action against a website that may have posted a nude photo of him, according to reports by the Hollywood Reporter and TMZ. 

Via Thirty Mile Zone, “Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been hacked — private nude photos have surfaced — and their lawyers are vowing to destroy anyone who posts them. We’ve learned Woods has already unleashed pitbull lawyer, Marty Singer — who’s threatening to sue the website if it doesn’t remove the Woods photo STAT.Sources tell TMZ … it wasn’t Tiger’s phone that was hacked, it was Vonn’s. We’re told Tiger had sent Vonn the naked pic while they were dating. McPhee has also lawyered up and fired off a similar threatening letter. We’re guessing the rest of the stars will follow suit”

Vonn and Woods met at a charity event in 2012 and began dating in March 2013, before splitting up in May 2015.

Check out the pic below, and if you’re really interested, here’s the tweet where you can see it all at

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