Tiger Woods Police Report Says He Was Asleep At Wheel of Stopped Car, Blew Zeros on Breathalyzer

Tiger Woods, who was arrested for DUI yesterday in Florida, released the following statement:

Here is what reportedly happened with sobriety tests:

The report says he flunked the field sobriety test badly … he couldn’t do the one-leg stand or the nose touch.  The report says, “When asked to do the Romberg alphabet test, he stated, ‘yes, recite entire national anthem backwards.”

According to the report, Woods was arrested and taken to a testing facility where he took a breathalyzer test and blew zeros.  It says he was “cooperative as much as possible, very droopy, extremely sleepy, hard to keep eyes open, hard to walk.”

The police report allegedly noted that Tiger had four prescription medications listed for his medical conditions — Soloxer, Torix, Vicodin, and Viox — but said that Tiger has not taken Viox this year.

Now read this report from TMZ which was released Monday morning:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops spotted Woods “driving erratically, all over the road” when they pulled him over. We’re told the officer smelled alcohol on Woods’ breath and at that point Woods became “arrogant.” We’re told the officer asked him to blow into a breathalyzer but he refused. In Florida that means automatic arrest and license suspension.

The sports media will be monitoring as the legal process unfolds, but now based on the police report it appears that TMZ’s sourcing in that regard was inaccurate.

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