Tiger Woods on Returning to the Masters this Year, “God, I hope so.” [Video]

The Masters is only a few short weeks away and every golf fan is dying to know if Tiger Woods is going to play. Like it or not, he is still the biggest name in golf and those of us who grew up idolizing him can’t seem to let go. As much as I love the new wave of young talent on tour, and I do, I will always want to see Woods out there competing. Or, I want him to retire and bow out gracefully, because it sucks to watch him miss cuts and withdraw from tournaments.

This morning, Woods was on Good Morning America and when he was asked whether he’ll play in the Masters he said, “God, I hope so. I’m trying. I’m trying everything to get back and play.”

Woods went on to say he needs to “get back physically,” and that his priorities have “changed a lot.”

“I need to get back physically,” he said. “The mind is sharp. I just need to get the body willing to do it. That’s the hard part, is getting the prep time in. I haven’t been able to get as much prep time in, haven’t been able to train like I used to, practice like I used to, so it’s been harder.

“My priorities have changed a lot. My kids now dominate my life, and that’s a good thing.”

This seems to be the same response that we’ve heard for a while now.

While the jury is still out on whether Woods will make a return at Augusta this year, it would be the third time he’s missed the tournament in four years, he did have a little pep in his step and beat Strahan in a putting contest.

It would be great to see that fist pump one more time at the Masters.

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