Tiger Woods Is Giving Out Hugs, And In Good Spirits Heading Into The Masters

As a Tiger Woods fan, It brings a smile to my face to the guy in Augusta healthy, and in good spirits. Woods has been dishing out hugs all week to his buddies while sporting a big smile. While this is not a sign of the current state of his game, he seems to be in a good place heading into this weekend’s tournament.


During his Masters press conference, Woods addressed the issue of his return and how much work he’s been putting into getting ready for tournament worthy play.

“People would never understand how much I put into it to come back. Whenever I had free time, I’d be playing. When the kids were asleep, I’d be doing it. When the kids were at school, I’d be doing it.”


He also talked about having his kids caddie for him during the par-3 contest.

“To now have come full circle and to have a chance to have my kids out there and be able to share that with them, it’s special. Charlie has seen me win a golf tournament before. Sam, actually she was there at the U.S. Open in 2008, but doesn’t remember it. It’s nice to be able to share these things with my family and it just means the world to me. They are excited; I’m excited and can’t wait to go out there.”


Lets all be honest with ourselves, we want to see Tiger in the hunt on Sunday so here’s to hoping he is.



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