BoneHead: Oklahoma Lineman, Jake Reed, Charged With Burglary and Assault in Ex Girlfriend’s Apartment

Burglary and AssaultOklahoma Sooners offensive lineman Jake Reed has been suspended indefinitely, after being charged with burglary and assault. The 23-year-old allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment early Sunday morning and assaulted both her and another man.



The man told Norman police officers that “once Reed entered the bedroom he began to assault him.” He said one of Reed’s punches grazed his ear.

 The woman told officers that she tried to stop Reed from attacking the man “when she was struck in the nose and chest by Reed.” When the man fled, Reed pursued him stating: “I’m going to kill him,” the affidavit says.


Reed was not expected to factor in the Sooners offense this season as a marginal 5th-year senior.

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