Dave Bliss Is Still Claiming Patrick Dennehy Was a Drug Dealer

Baylor has produced two of the three worst college athletics scandals this century. Showtime is producing a documentary on the basketball one.

Baylor player Patrick Dennehy was murdered by a fellow player Carlton Dotson in July 2003. Bears head coach Dave Bliss resigned after he was caught on tape trying to cover up a NCAA violation (paying Dennehy’s scholarship) by fabricating a story about Dennehy paying for his tuition with money from drug dealing.

Bliss reiterated the claim during an interview for the documentary.

“They thought [Dennehy] paid for his scholarship because he was selling drugs because you know – this is off camera – he was selling drugs,” Bliss tells Kondelis during a sit-down interview in the film.

Kondelis then says: “Patrick Dennehy was selling drugs?

Bliss: “Oh yeah, he was the worst.”

Kondelis: “No I never found that out at all.”

Bliss: “I know but I’m telling you. But that’s why but you’ll never be able to use it.”

Neither the NCAA nor law enforcement found evidence that Dennehy dealt drugs.

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