Big Money Already Being Bet On Mayweather-McGregor Fight, Including Some Fun Prop Bets

If you had placed a bet back in November on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight the odds would have been -2250 for Mayweather and +950 for McGregor. However, as soon as the fight was officially announced this week the opening odds were -800 for Mayweather and +500 for McGregor, according to OddsShark. That’s a big swing in the gambling world. Especially considering that pretty much no one is giving McGregor, including his former sparring partner, much of a chance at winning.

That being said, one day later money has been pouring in with bets being placed on McGregor to score an upset victory, according to CBS Sports.

“We expected more money to come in on McGregor, but not at this level. A McGregor win is already a huge liability for the book and it will only get bigger,” Bovada sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley said. “I estimate that this fight might be the biggest single decision for us of any single event ever. The overall money and wagers on this may rival the Super Bowl, if not bigger, as we expect anyone and everyone to have a bet on it in some capacity.”

Now the betting line sits at -600 for Mayweather and +400 for McGregor.

Regardless of what side of the fence your on, one thing is for sure, there will be loads of money spent wagering on the fight, including money on the dozens of prop bets that are already available.

Here are some highlights so far (via OddsShark)…

Floyd Mayweather by Knockout +300
Floyd Mayweather by Majority Decision +2800
Floyd Mayweather by Split Decision +2800
Floyd Mayweather by Technical Decision +8000
Floyd Mayweather by Technical Knockout +250
Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision +175
Floyd Mayweather by Disqualified Opponent +1000
Conor McGregor Knockout +700
Conor McGregor Majority Decision +7000
Conor McGregor Split Decision +10000
Conor McGregor Technical Decision +10000
Conor McGregor Technical Knockout +800
Conor McGregor Unanimous Decision +6600
Conor McGregor Disqualified Opponent +5000

Floyd Mayweather in Round 1 +2500
Floyd Mayweather in Round 2 +2000
Floyd Mayweather in Round 3 +1600
Floyd Mayweather in Round 4 +1400
Floyd Mayweather in Round 5 +1400
Floyd Mayweather on Points +130

Conor McGregor in Round 1 +4000
Conor McGregor in Round 2 +3300
Conor McGregor in Round 3 +3300
Conor McGregor in Round 4 +2800
Conor McGregor in Round 5 +2800
Conor McGregor on Points +3300

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – Total Rounds
OVER 9.5 -140

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – Will The Fight Go The Distance?
Yes +125
No -175

Will Floyd Mayweather Score A Knockdown?
Yes -275
No +125

Will Conor McGregor Score A Knockdown?
Yes +400
No -600

Will Either Corner Throw In The Towel?
Yes +300
No -500

Will Either Fighter Win Within The First Minute?
Yes +2400

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