“You Got Knocked the F*ck Out!”: Aussie Rules Football Player Suffers Broken Jaw, After Taking Knee to the Chin [Video]

George Burbury is one tough SOB. The Aussie Rules Football player suffered a broken jaw in a match last week between his Geelong Cats and the Collingwood Football Club. Burbury fell and to his faced smashed by Collingwood’s Nick Maxwell. Collingwood coach Chris Scott is already looking forward to Burbury’s return:

broken-jaw“We thought it was really serious. The feedback from the hospital, while it’s still serious and he needs surgery on his jaw it’s not as bad as first thought. Fingers crossed, with the way doctors can wire jaws these days, he can get it stabilised pretty quickly.
“So hopefully there’s not too much time on the sidelines. We had eight trainers out there looking for his teeth, they were still in his mouth.”

Again, thats one tough SOB.


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