Women’s Rugby World Cup Featured a Suplex That Resulted in a 5-Week Suspension [Video]

Usually when I post bone-crushing rugby hits, it usually involves either a huge Samoan dude decleating someone, or David vs Goliath type hit with two men. Well, I’m here to to ya, the women players are just as nasty.

womens rugby flip

This brutal body slam comes from the Women’s Rugby World Cup taking place in France right now. During a match between England and Samoa, Soteria Pulumu picked up England’s Natasha Hunt and basically duplexed her to the ground. Pulumu’s incredibly violent and dangerous take down earned her a 5-week ban from the sport. Originally, she was given 9-weeks, but the ban was reduced because she didn’t have a history of violence. 

[news.au.com, h/t TheBigLead]


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