Winter X Games: Caleb Moore Required Emergency Heart Surgery After Horrible Snowmobile Wreck

Earlier I posted about the snowmobile wrecks of Caleb Moore and Daniel Bodin on the first day of the 2013 Winter X Games. Originally, it was first reported that they both miraculously walked away from the accidents. For Moore, it was his 11th concussion according to his mother and it would turn out to be much worse. From the New York Times:


Hours later, in the middle of the night, doctors found internal bleeding around Caleb Moore’s heart. He was airlifted to Grand Junction, Colo., and underwent emergency surgery. A spokeswoman Friday morning said he sustained a heart contusion and was in the intensive-care unit. The competition continued. Daniel Bodin crashed much the way Caleb had, but was able to cover his head before his snowmobile bounded onto him. Bodin was uninjured. But the machine was crumpled enough to knock him from the competition.


Best wishes to Moore and his family.



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