UVA Club Hockey Goalie Chugs Beers In The Middle Of A Game, Then Gets Ejected [Video]

Check out this video from the guys over at Total Frat Move, with maybe the coolest bro hockey goalie you will ever see.

Leading 7-0 in a club game, UVA goalie Jake Anderson felt like he wasn’t getting enough action in the net, so his Chi Phi brothers in the stands tossed him a Keystone Light to help pass the time. And like any bro would do, he chugged it. Here’s a shot from the stands.

Anderson drank the beer (I mean who wouldn’t), but was assessed a five-minute misconduct and ejected. UVA still beat VCU 10-1.

Now that’s bro. Bro.

While some out there may appreciate the party-hard nature of such an action, one person who was decidedly not a fan was the team’s beat writer, who penned this venom in his gamer.

There were undoubtedly some technical hiccups throughout the game. Chris Merrill battled through distraction and did his best, but often times found himself forgetting to hit the “start” and “stop” buttons on the clock. Eisman, currently bogged down by a concussion, forgot to write anything down on the scoresheet until the third period. These small mishaps along with alcohol being poured onto the VCU bench by rowdy fans led to stern warnings by the referees. After said warnings, Captain Herter made sure both the tech team and the bench were on point for the remainder of the game.

Jake Anderson had a shutout through two periods until he was disqualified for consuming an alcoholic beverage on the ice. This selfish act drew eerie parallels to the maturity of a middle schooler desperate for attention from his crush and led to a five minute major penalty to begin the third period, which Virginia killed off successfully. Tommy Graber finished the game in net and did so admirably, only allowing one goal in the final frame.

And here I thought this was America. All in all it sounds like a fun night at the rink.

[Via Total Frat Move]

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