This World’s Surf League ‘Wipeout Of The Year’ Video Will Make Your Bones Hurt

If you’ve ever tried surfing in your life, then you know how god damn hard it is. With learning how to surf comes plenty of wipeouts, however, when you wipeout on a wave it may be 4-5 feet tall and no big deal, maybe some sand in your hair, but not 15+ feet and a possible concussion or death like these bros!

Five surfers are duking it out for a $5,000 cash prize from the World Surf League for the most gnarly wipeout. Not a bad purse for trying to fail at surfing and possibly injure yourself. The finalists include Hawaiian Nathan Florence, brother of current World Surf League champion John John Florence, American Wilem Banks, Australian Danny Griffiths, Briton Tom Lowe, and Chile’s Rafael Tapia. The cameraman who recorded the most spectacular fall will take home $2,000. The winner will be announced on April 29. Hopefully the prize will cover at least a portion of their medical bills.


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